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New Adventure

In the past as I have started new adventures, friends have helped me get jump started.  One night after I started Momentum, I was sitting around with Bill Fitzgerald and dreaming about what I would call my next company, and we came up with ignition ...

Set a Vision and Stick To It

It was 1 April 2012, we had just closed on the sale of ignition to Havas Sports and Entertainment. We needed a break and a place to helps us reflect on the past and set our new vision for the future ...

A Mission that Galvanizes - Live 8

Live 8: A Mission that Galvanizes a Team can help make the Impossible Happen.

Recent Posts

by - 08-09-2017
What is In Your Hands? by Dill & Susan Driscoll - 07-10-2017
We heard a sermon yesterday that we feel is important to share. In the Bible, Moses had his Staff and David had his slingshot and a stone. With those primitive tools, they did amazing things. The other amazing thing is that we are all created with o...
by - 07-03-2017
Happy 4th of July by Dill & Susan Driscoll - 07-03-2017
As we celebrate Americas's independence and freedom, today we give special thanks to all those who have made this possible. With that said attached is a video of Lake Placid's own Kate Smith singing God Bless America. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/rEJo7...
by - 06-20-2017

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